First Giveaway! (until Nov. 11 only)

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9 Responses

  1. Norman James villaviray says:

    Done please Please Ticket please.

  2. Karla Lorraine says:

    Done!! Please huhu

  3. Danilo Nava says:

    I hope I could win thank you

  4. Ladz Harrison says:

    Hi, hope to win free tickets! Thanks!

  5. Patty Boneo says:

    Hello! I’m done following the steps po. Please let me win. Pretty please! Thank you. 😇

  6. Janella Hodreal says:

    completed all steps!!! *crossed fingers*

  7. Lovelin P Tiongco says:


  8. laura says:

    Done hope can get tickets 🙏🙏 God Bless you more…

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